How do I go about climbing Kilimanjaro mountain

How do I go about climbing Kilimanjaro mountain? So many operators, so many unknowns about fitness, the mountain and where do you start in your planning. Where do you get clothing, what is the right clothing. What sort of training should I be doing? I have personally climbed Kilimanjaro 25 times and developed a service I would expect to see on Kilimanjaro. Read more about the what I think our the most important things to know about climbing Kilimanjaro.

I remember signing up for my first Kilimanjaro with a terrible company I won’t mention here. Knowing very little about the mountain, preparation needed, food, service, safety, staffing on the ground, route, pacing, hydration and what to expect on the mountain. The company gave no support or information prior to the climb. It is one of the main reason we run quality trips giving people memories of a lifetime. Read our Top 10 Tips for a successful ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro.

I learned pretty quickly that there is a right way to climb Kilimanjaro and a wrong way to climb Kilimanjaro. There are a lot of terrible operators on the mountain and some very responsible companies. READ SOME OF OUR REVIEWS. As the national park fees are so expensive on Kilimanjaro the longer you spend on the mountain the more expensive it gets. If you decide to climb Kilimanjaro on a 8 day climb on the Lemosho route you might pay an additional $800 for the additional time on the mountain, depending on the service you use. If you go for the 5/6 day climb you are cutting your chances of making it to the top in half.

Annually, 42% of people make it to the summit and people are looking to cut corners on price which is understandable. In my opinion you are taking a big gamble with your money, training, flights, gear and the time to spent thinking about doing this.

If you want to be safer, keep altitude sickness at a distance, have a more meaningful empowering experience climbing Kilimanjaro and pushing your rate of success over 90% you need more time on the mountain. The Lemosho route over 8 days on the best and most beautiful route will give you an experience of a lifetime.

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