How did I start speaking

How did I start speaking.  Here is some brief information about how I got started speaking internationally. 
First of all you need something unique to talk about, be an expert in your field and be extremely interesting in how you present this information.

You are Looking to attractive event planners?  speakers Bureau’s? companies and anyone interested in your story. Well unless you have lots of cash lying around to promote yourself and marketing comes as second nature. You are going to need help.

After I climbed Everest, I wanted to present my Everest story to pay the bills and raise extra funds for the Mt. Everest Primary School in Uganda. I needed time to reflect on the journey I under took. I needed time to understand everything that happened in my life from 2005 to 2008. Once I had formulated the journey it was time to put a power point presentation together.
I decided to pick locations around Ireland, rent a hall or hotel conference room. I would then go to each area or town, put flyers in houses, contact local hiking clubs, groups, clubs, newspapers and anyone interested in hearing about my ascent of Everest. I did this for a couple of reasons, one was to get experience speaking and presenting the journey so I could tweak the presentation and make the presentation more effective for the listeners. I also did it to build up my experience and confidence to inviting speakers bureau’s to come and listen to my journey, presentation with a hope of getting listed on their websites. I was having to put all the ground work in. I used to show up at venue’s but out the chairs, hire sound people, screens and projectors and spending too much time promoting the events. If I could get a Speaking Bureau involved they would be searching out events that would suit my area of expertise. I must have done over 20 presentations before I got picked up.
I am now listed on 10 professional speaking agency websites on different continents. Once listed as a speaker, you can use that listing to develop other relevant speaking listings on our websites. Start using funds raised to get a video up and running. Set up your own website, with video, pictures and showing casing your work.
1). Have a worthwhile story to tell and spend hour perfecting your different presentations
2). Think about writing a book, for sales and credibility
3). Have a professionally edited video from your speaking engagements to see yourself
4). Refine your message and tailor you message to specific audiences
5). Use your audience to secure future presentations 
If you would like to talk to Ian and find out more, feel free to contact us.

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