Hill training in Ireland for your international trekking adventure


We offer treks that sometime last for 30 days in the Himalaya’s. We specialize in treks to Everest Base Camp, Kilimanjaro, Island Peak, Mera Peak and trek in South and North America. We tailor training programs for you and help you plan, prepare and achieve your desired fitness needed to make these journeys safely and successfully. We have qualified guides in Ireland that will get you out on the hills along with personal training in the United States and Ireland ready to help you prepare for your chosen adventure.
Hill training in Ireland will help you prepare to walk day after day, from 3 hours to 8 hours even longer at altitude. In order to achieve your goals and make the journey to the Everest region, summit of Kilimanjaro, climb Himalayan peaks or trekking at altitude there are lot of things you can do.
Climbing Carrauntoohill
You want to enjoy the experience of seeing some of the world’s great mountains and mountain ranges, so you are better off being prepared before hand. Nothing that’s worth achieving comes easy. So you have to train hard and get prepared. One of the best ways is to join group fitness hikes, and join our hill walking groups trekking in Ireland 
You will need to be out hiking on the hills once a week building the amount of weight you are carrying. One key to success is not trying to go fast, but longer and with more weight in your backpack. You can also cycle, run and add in some specific weight training.
Getting out in the hills and trekking and hiking in the mountains with heavy pack back gives the best conditioning for your body and prepared you for the up hill and down hill battles at altitude.
Look at it this way, if you are looking to run a marathon at 26.2 miles. You start by running 3 miles, building your bodies conditioning as you go.  You then run 5 miles, 8 miles, 12 miles, 15 miles etc….. building muscle memory and conditioning.  Your body needs to be able to manage the stress of running long distances before you can complete the full 26.2 mile distance.
Likewise if you want to walk 27 miles on the Inca trail, 42 miles on Kilimanjaro or over 60 miles on the Everest base camp trek. You have to get out training on hills building up your conditioning to walking 5 miles with weighted back back, then 8 miles, 10 miles, 15 miles and do multi day hiking trips. You also need to build up the weight you are carrying in your back pack from 5kg to 10kg + and condition the muscles to carry a heavier load.

You do this because you will be carrying 5kg+ depending on what mountain you are climbing. You also have to remember your muscles need oxygen to preform.  When you take away 50% of the oxygen at heights around 5,000m/ 16,404ft your muscles are under more pressure. If you have walked for miles and miles up and down hills prior to the trek or climb you will have the condition in your muscles to deal with the lack of oxygen.

We advise you build up to carrying twice the weight you would on the trip you plan on doing. For example a typical weighted back pack on the Everest base camp trek would be 5kg/ 11lbs so you need to build up to carrying 10kg/ 22lbs and feel comfortable hiking with this weight for long distances prior to your trek.There are a number of other training options if you don’t have access to hills so get in touch with us as we have people from cities around the world signing up to our trips and we can work with you directly to make sure you are preparing properly for one of our treks.
Hiking and training outdoors also gives you a chance to test out your gear and see how your body reacts in different temperatures. Only then can you fully understand what gear works for you and will keep you safe, warm and make your trip and successful and enjoyable experience.
You need to get used to having a backpack on your back and gradually increase the weight you are carrying, while also increasing the distances and elevations you are covering on a weekly basis. This is vital in any good mountain training plan.
What are some of the barriers that you may have:
– You don’t live at altitude
– You don’t have access to hills
– You can’t get out to walk up hills on a regular basis
– Your fitness isn’t up to it, or is it?
Well, we are here to help. We have training hikes in Ireland. We are also available 5 days a week when we are not on treks to help you gain the conditioning needed evening if you live in a city with no access to hills. I have climbed Kilimanjaro 21 times, climbed Everest to the top, climbed Island peak 8 times, Mera peak 4 times and lead 17 treks to Everest base camp. I want to make sure you have a training plan in place that works for you and we can help you prepare and get ready for your chosen adventure.
We have professional trainers and mountain professionals working with us making sure you have the best possible information.  For more specific training information tailored to your needs do get in touch with us. Our training treks and information will help speed up your progress and see real fitness results in only a few months.

Hill training in Ireland and walking up hill or walking in the hills for days on end does require good physical conditioning and this can also be achieved in the gym with weights, stair master, bikes, swimming. A mixture of a wide range of training will aid your physical capacity and performance in the mountains. The hard thing is staying motivated so get in touch. We have years of experience and will help you achieve your fitness goals for your chosen adventure. 

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