First ever Everest base camp yoga retreat

The first ever Everest base camp yoga retreat will be on it’s way to Everest base camp very shortly. We will have the right acclimatization for the trek and team to match. CLICK HERE for the October dates.

Christy Samuelson, 200 hour RYT from Colorado has been studying the body since the 90’s where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training from Springfield College, MA. After working in a physical therapy clinic for 4 years in Florida, she followed her desire and continued her professional growth with a career in massage therapy starting in 1999.

Christy Samuelson

This path lead her to work with professional baseball and tennis players along with the weekend warriors. During this time, yoga was a physical practice used to balance out the demands of life and quickly grew into a spiritual one. All road lead to teacher training in June 2014 with Maya Yoga Studio in Maui and then Stand Up Paddle board yoga training in June 2015 and Restorative Yoga with Julia Clark in October 2015. Christy weaves thought provoking meditations and self discovery throughout her classes. She encourages growth of the physical and spiritual self both on and off the mat by removing doubt and following your heart.

Our Ian Taylor Trekking team will lead the trek to Everest Base Camp and Christy will have daily sessions on breathing, yoga and wide range of therapy all the way to Everest.

2 thoughts on “First ever Everest base camp yoga retreat

  1. Hi Ian, I would be interested in hearing more about this yoga retreat on Everest Base Camp. Hope all well And a very Happy New Year to you and your family. Best Wishes, Mai

    1. Good morning! for more information on the yoga component for EBC Oct 6-20, 2018 and follow me on Instagram as well. Peace and love,
      Christy Samuelson

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