Expedition North Pole 2019

Expedition North Pole 2019

‘With vision we gain courage. With courage we gain confidence & with confidence there are no limits to the dreams we can achieve’   Ian Taylor

In April 2019 our small team will embark on a journey across the floating polar ice to the North Pole. We will navigate our way across the polar ice and ski over 600 km directly into the North Pole. In the most hostile place on the planet, our character, endurance and abilities will be tested.

This journey has additional importance. Our team and supporters will be raising $2,000,000 to bring clean water to 300,000 people in East Africa.  A feature documentary will chronicle our story at the top of the world, alongside the stories of dozens of villages that need clean water. While surviving in – 30 Celsius will be challenging, it is nothing compared to the daily struggles facing children, families and communities trying to get clean drinking water.

In the end, we hope our expedition inspires people to challenge themselves for others, while bringing attention and aid to hundreds of thousands of people in East Africa.

OUR GOAL: $2,000,000

Bringing 300,000 people clean will be made simpler by having water drilling rigs in place on the ground. Will you stand with us as we commit to providing people with safe clean water?

At Fields of Life we are deeply concerned about the lack of available clean water supply in East Africa, especially among vulnerable and marginalized groups, such as women and children. Many communities survive by drinking contaminated water, which often lead to diseases such as bilharzia, cholera and typhoid.

Since 2009, thanks to our generous donors, Fields of Life have been providing impoverished communities with clean water. Their dedicated and committed Fields of Life teams and water partners work tirelessly drilling 10-12 wells each month, bringing clean water to an additional 330 people every day.  It is their goal to bring safe drinking water to over one million people by 2020. Help us help them. You can change hundreds of thousands of lives in East Africa.

Charitable Project:   Fields of Life Mission:  


Fields of Life is committed to sharing the Christian faith by collaborating with local communities and churches in East Africa to bring about positive change through the provision of quality education, clean water, health promotion and other community based projects.

At Fields of Life, it is our passionate desire to see local partners and churches, throughout Central East Africa, strengthened and empowered to be the drivers of change in their own communities; so that children especially, are nurtured and developed to realize their potential by bringing hope and future to their nations. It is our ambition over the next five years, from 2016-2020, to positively impact 500,000 of the most vulnerable and marginalized people and to see their lives transformed.

Expedition North Pole 2019

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