Everest Base Camp Treks 2019

                   Everest Base Camp Treks 2019

23rd Feb  –  9th March 2019 8 SPACES OPEN 

9th March  –  23rd March 2019 9 SPACES OPEN 

15th March  –  30th March 2019 SOLD OUT  (SLEEPING AT EBC)

16th March   –  30th March 2019  3 SPACES OPEN 

23rd March  –   6th April 2019  5 SPACES OPEN

30th March   –  14th April 2019  SOLD OUT  (SLEEPING AT EBC)

13th April  –  28th April 2019 1 SPACE OPEN  (SLEEPING AT EBC

6th April   –   20th April 2019 SOLD OUT (Get on the waiting list) Led by Ian Taylor 

20th April   –  8th May 2019 SOLD OUT (SLEEPING AT EBC) Led by Ian Taylor

4th May   –  18th May 2019  6 SPACES OPEN 

10th May   –    25th May 2019 SOLD OUT (SLEEPING AT EBC

18th May    –   1st June 2019 6 SPACES OPEN 


6th Sept  –   21st Sept 2019 SOLD OUT (SLEEPING AT EBC)

14th Sept   –    28th Sept 2019  SOLD OUT (Get on the waiting listLed by Ian Taylor 

20th Sept  –   5th Oct 2019 SOLD OUT (SLEEPING AT EBC)

28th Sept    –   12th Oct 2019  8 SPACES OPEN 

4th Oct  –   19th Oct 2019  1 SPACE OPEN (SLEEPING AT EBC) 

12th Oct  –  26th Oct 2019 8 SPACES OPEN

25th Oct   –  9th Nov 2019  1 SPACE OPEN (SLEEPING AT EBC

2nd Nov   –  16th Nov 2019  7 SPACES OPEN 

8th Nov  –  23rd Nov 2019  SOLD OUT (SLEEPING AT EBC)

16th Nov  –  30th Nov 2019  8 SPACES OPEN 

22nd Nov  –  7th Dec 2019 8 SPACES OPEN (SLEEPING AT EBC)

23rd Nov – 7th Dec 2019 10 SPACES OPEN 

Go to our Everest Base Camp page for further information. CHECK OUT OUR EVEREST BASE CAMP TREKS IN 2020  Check out our 2021 DATES. Prices start from $2,700 in 2020.  Check out our famous LINK with all you need to know about trekking to Everest Base Camp. If you need further info just CONTACT US

Everest Base Camp Treks 2019

We have a 99% success rate on our Everest base camp treks to date. We also have 3 nights acclimatizing in Namche Bazaar at 3,440m / 11,286ft giving you the best chance at making it to Everest base camp. Less than 60% of people are making it all the way up to Everest at 5,364m/ 17,598ft. GET IN TOUCH and find out more about our Everest Base Camp Treks 2019. Read some REVIEWS from our trips.

Everest Base Camp Treks 2019

Everest Base Camp Treks 2019

Everest base camp is a challenging trek and needs to be respected and prepared for. You need the RIGHT GEAR and you need to come fully TRAINING and ready to make this journey to remember. READ OUT TOP TEN TIPS.

Everest Base Camp Treks 2019

Everest Base Camp Treks 2019

Ian has lead 27 treks to Everest base camp, climbed Everest to the top. We have been developing our Everest base camp service over the last decade to be the best operator on the hill. We use the best lodges with best food available and our staff are fully training in all scenario’s so you know you are in safe hands at all times.

Everest Base Camp Treks 2019

Everest Base Camp Treks 2019

We are available 5 days a week prior to your trek helping you train, prepare and get fully equipped for your Everest base camp trip. Feel free to CONTACT US at any stage. No question is too small. We will send your our 45 page dossier giving you further information on the amazing journey high into the Everest region.

Everest Base Camp Treks 2019 with Ian Taylor Trekking give you the best acclimatization, best training support and information available anywhere.

12 thoughts on “Everest Base Camp Treks 2019

  1. Hi Ian,
    Great page and video footage. I’m Jorge, from Chile but based in HK and just started planning a couple of trips in Asia including the trek to EBC with my wife. Still a long shot but we are interested in the 2019 September trips. Wondering what is the cost per person and the difference between sleeping at EBC or not. Would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

  2. Hi Ian,
    My name is Fin and I am 15 and live in southern England. I have just finished a three week expedition in Greenland in the Schweizerland alps north of Kulusuk. It was amazing and I am now looking for something else to do and I was wondering the prices and age necessary for your expeditions to the base camp of Everest.
    Many thanks

  3. Hi Ian
    My name is Pavan from Australia. Group of my friends are planning for EBC in 2019. Just wondering what is the cost per person and also we would like to know the general fitness level to achieve this trek.
    Many Thanks

  4. Hi i have been talking about doing this for a long time and I’ve decided to go for it. I’m interested on the trek which includes an over night at EBC (Sleeping under the stars) 30th March 2019. Can you send me any relative info. I can pay the deposit asap to reserve place.

  5. Hi:

    I am interested in
    20th April – 8th May 2019 SOLD OUT (SLEEPING AT EBC) Lead by Ian Taylor

    Can I be wait listed?

    Tahsin Askar

  6. Hi
    i am from India , I’m interested on the trek on 4th May – 18th May 2019 . Can you please let me know the Price details for the same.

  7. I’m interested in participating in one of you 2019 treks. Where can I find the pricing for this and what are the steps to sign up? Thank you!

  8. Hi i am interested in one of the ebc treks in 2019.I am planning on doing it with my 14 year old son , we are both reasonably fit.Can you email me confirmation for costs of treks in march/april 2019. thanks.


  9. Hi Ian

    I am from Malaysia. My niece and I and few other friends are interested in the 2019 trips. Wondering what is the cost per person and the difference between sleeping at EBC or not. Would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

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