When climbing above 5,000m/ 16,400ft. we believe you need additional acclimatization to be safe, successful and prepared for the challenges of climbing big mountains. CLICK HERE for our quality Elbrus Itinerary.
Heading over the Irikchat pass 14_Irik_pass
1). Do I cook all my food on the Elbrus climb? 
No. For the whole trip normal restaurant food is provided while you are in the valley. But when outdoors they use field packages – it consists of snack and instant food like cereals, mashed potato and noodles – water is all that is needed to be added. So no cooking on the route is necessary. The guides are responsible for the food distribution and boiling the water.
2). Do I carry all my own gear?
Yes. No porter service is possible on the standard variant of the program. Keep in mind that carrying the rucksack is necessary for acclimatization part only as Elbrus the cable car lifts and gear if ferried to the refuge –  starting point of the climb.
3). What mountaineering boots do you recommend?
Good four season mountaineering boots. No plastic. I use Scarpa Mont Blanc and absolutely happy with them for Elbrus and more technical climbs below the 6,000m
4). On arrival in Moscow who meets me?
A representative of our company meets the group in the airport and helps them with the sightseeing part of the trip in Moscow. He also makes decision on the mode of the transportation – availability of the taxi from the airport or speed train – it depends on the time of arrival and current traffic conditions in Moscow.
5). Is all food covered in hotels, camping etc….?
Yes, food and snacks are included in the program. Only extra food is excluded and alcohol. All food preferences should be previously discussed.
6). How many guides to clients?
The maximum group capacity is 12 clients, two guides will work with the group.
7) What if someone has to turn around?
People can only turn around with a guide. So on the Elbrus section of the climb it is only possible to turn around twice. We have an excellent acclimatisation schedule and once clients come prepared as you should for a big mountain there should be no need to turn around. Obviously the weather is unpredictable.
8). what do I need for the trip?
If you want to climb Elbrus you need the appropriate physical condition. We will support you and give personal suggestions on the kind of physical preparation for the climb. We send you a kit list with suggested items to bring. This kit list is recommended based of years of experience on the mountain.


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