Our last Mont Blanc Climb of the season heads out today. Two Clients Bill and Stephen just finished their Tour Du Mont Blanc in 7 days and look forward to hearing all about their journey. Hopefully they will write a blog post for us and you can read about the magical Tour Du Mont Blanc, which we rate as one of the great treks of the world.

While Bill and Stephen relax and retrospectively enjoy the achievement of last weeks trek around the Alps.  Bobby and Michelle take on their challenge to stand on top of Mont Blanc. We will follow their progress on this page through the week. It would be great to add to this years total of 18 people on the summit of Mont Blanc in 2014. More to follow.
DAY 1: The group are off an running, hampered by some bad weather. All part of the journey. It is due to clear up over the coming days. Everyone is safe and getting into it.
DAY 2: The team of 6 finished their day Climbing and acclimatizing. The team had just over 50 centimeters of fresh snow and the wind has been blowing over 80K.  Certainly challenging conditions. The weather is due to get better as the week goes on. New skills learned and another day closer to the summit of Mont Blanc.
DAY 3: The first two days the team went up to Torino Hut, (Italy) and they managed to climb but they had to break trail in fresh snow facing strong winds.
Today, day three they went to Mer de Glace where they have had the chance to discover steep ice climbing and crampon work. The weather has greatly improved.
DAY 4: Training and acclimatisation complete, everyone is going great.  The team have left today to hike to Tete Rousse and they will head towards Gouter tomorrow morning. UPDATED: The team have all arrived at the Tete Rousse and decision need to be made, conditions ahead look tough with fresh snow.
DAY 5: The team had an early start as they made their way up to the Gouter Hut, they are climbing now. 4 climbers went to the Gouter Hut and 2 climbers returned to the valley. The scramble up to the Gouter Hut is a great climb and great introducing to moving across mixed terrain at altitude. Click here to enlarged pictures.
DAY 6: The team are now pushing for the summit, it is 6/8 hours to the summit of Mt. Blanc from here and we will know more in the coming hours as we here back from their summit call. There has been a lot of snow and conditions are very tough going 4 out of 6 made the summit. Everyone is safely back in the valley and recovering from some hard going.

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