Full moon climbing on Kilimanjaro is a treat, the mountain, glacier’s and Moshi is lit up my moonlight and a great time to consider climbing to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Climbing 5 days either side of the full moon gives you the same experience. Here are the full moon dates over the next few years. Get in touch and we can get you there.

MONTH         2014               2015               2016              2017       
 January          15th          4th         23rd          12th 
 February        14th           3rd            22nd          10th  
 March        16th           5th        23rd        12th
 April        15th         4th        21st        11th
 May        14th         3rd        21st        10th
 June        12th         2nd        20th          9th
 July        12th     1st / 31st        19th          8th
 August        10th        29th        18th          7th
 September          8th        27th        16th          6th
 October          8th        27th        15th          5th
 November          6th        25th        14th          3rd
 December          6th        25th        13th          3rd

The cool thing about climbing Kilimanjaro under full moon, is the full moon starts days before you reach the summit, so evenings camping on the Shira Plateau camping in Barranco and Karanga give you nights to remember. The moon light bounces off the glaciers giving you a view like no other. This all depends on the time of year you climb and which month you decide to climb.

We structure are dates around the Full moon, as the actual day of the full moon summit can be very busy with crowds of people. You still get the same experience 4/5 days either side of the full moon date. CLICK HERE for up coming climbs on Kilimanjaro.

 Don’t forget you can get your space for FREE. Get 10 people, friends, family, work colleague’s to join you and you will get your space for free. Terms and conditions apply


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