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Ian has climbed Everest to the top, lead over one hundred treks and climbs and is now looking to help a small team to climb Mt Everest in 2020. I want to help build a team of and prepare over the next 4 years. We have a climbing program which includes Kilimanjaro, Island or Mera Peak, Denali, Cho Oyu, Winter skills in Norway & Scotland. This team has been established, but if you would like to get involved, start your own team and work towards climbing Everest, get in touch today.

Climbing Everest deserves respect.  We can help you build the experience and give you the best chance to standing on top of the world. We want to see you build a team with the right experience. A team who have climbed together on numerous occasions so that team comes first. We will require that you have climbed at least 2 mountains above 6,000m with us and whole team will need to have climbed Cho Oyu 8,201m/ 26,906ft. with before being considered for the Everest climb. If you would like to find out more contact 

We will require that you have and build extensive mountaineering skills and altitude experience before climbing on Everest. We will require the following peaks to be climbed: Kilimanjaro,  Mt. Blanc, Mera Peak, Aconcagua, Denali and Cho Oyu. This is an exciting chance to work with a team and build slowly towards an Everest summit attempt.

2 thoughts on “Climb Mt Everest

  1. Hi Ian,
    Great to finally contact you. I’ve had a look at your website a fair few times at this stage! The Everest 2020 climb has definitely caught my eye and is something I’m very much willing to work towards. I’d really like to know more!

    Look forward to hearing from you

  2. Hi Ian
    I’ve been on your website again and in particular your proposed Everest trip for 2020.
    I realise it’s early days but do you have an idea what the likely costs will be and what it will include.
    I’m doing a mountaineering course this Aussie winter and I’d already booked a Base Camp trip for April 2017. I would be looking at doing an advanced mountaineering course in 2017 and then Mera and Island peaks with your company in 2018.
    That would give me 2 more years to get more experience in.
    Any more info would be helpful.
    Thanks again

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