Climb Kilimanjaro in 2018

                            Climb Kilimanjaro in 2018
5th Jan  –  14th Jan LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS 
13th Jan  –  20th Jan  MACHAME ROUTE 80% SUCCESS
21st Jan  –   30th Jan  LEMOSHO ROUTE 90% SUCCESS
29th Jan  –  7th Feb LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS
10th Feb  –  19th Feb   LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS  

18th Feb   –   27th Feb   MACHAME ROUTE  100% SUCCESS (PRIVATE)

10th June  –  16th June  MACHAME ROUTE 80% SUCCESS
17th June  –  24th June LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS
24th June  –  4th July LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS
9th July  –  18th July   LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS
22nd July –  29th July  LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS 
28th July – 5th August MACHAME ROUTE 100% SUCCESS
5th Aug –   12th Aug LEMOSHO ROUTE  80% SUCCESS

13th Aug  –  20th Aug  LEMOSHO ROUTE  90% SUCCESS

26th Aug – 2nd Sept  LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS
3rd Sept –  10th Sept LEMOSHO ROUTE 80% SUCCESS
7th Oct  – 13th Oct MACHAME ROUTE 100% SUCCESS

14th Oct  – 21st Oct  LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS

4th Nov  –   11th Nov  LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS

30th Nov  –   8th Dec LEMOSHO ROUTE  90% SUCCESS

23rd Dec  –  30th Dec LEMOSHO ROUTE 8 SPACES OPEN

Go straight to our Kilimanjaro page for video’s, itinerary and why we are a world leader in offering quality Kilimanjaro climbs.  CLICK HERE for our Kilimanjaro video’s CLICK HERE for 2019 dates. 

Climb Kilimanjaro in 2018

CLIMB KILIMANJARO FOR FREE!!!! Get 10 people together and get your space for FREE Climb Kilimanjaro Via the Machame Route or the Lemosho Route. We get 100% of people to the summit on most of our trips.  CALL US NOW and get your training plan, 45 page dossier and access to people who have put over 1,550 people on the summit of Kilimanjaro. IF YOU HAVE A GROUP OF 6 OR MORE WE CAN TAILOR DATES TO YOUR NEEDS. 

Climb Kilimanjaro in 2018

We have 98% success rates on our 8 day Kilimanjaro climbs and 90% success rates on our 7 day Machame route climbs. Get in touch and find out why we have the best team and set up in place for your Kilimanjaro climb. Climb Kilimanjaro in 2018 with Ian Taylor Trekking and give yourself the best chance at making a safe and successful ascent of Kilimanjaro. Join one of our Kilimanjaro Climbs 2019


10 thoughts on “Climb Kilimanjaro in 2018

  1. Hi

    Me and my partner are looking to climb Kilimanjaro next year. Can you send me the costs and requirements for getting on board one of ur trips

  2. Hi Mr.Tylor.
    Thinking on climb Kelli’s next year on September, please can you send me some info about price on your 8 days trekking, deposit, also which is the best season to climb thanks

  3. Ian, Hi i see you have 1 space open for the lemosho route in August, been with you base camp everest. can you send me the price and the if still open the best route to get to there, if you remember i live in Spain

  4. Hi!

    I was wondering the rates/costs and so on.

    Can you send me some info about that.

    Thnx in advance

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