Climb Kilimanjaro and support the charity of your choice. Hundreds of people climb Kilimanjaro with us each year and we offer quality service, experienced guides, training plans, excellent acclimatization and excellent mountain equipment and VIP menu.
We have to service to match you ambitions and with 98% success rates on our 8 day climbs we give you the best chance at making the summit safely and successfully. With less than 50% of people failing to make the summit on 4,5 and 6 day treks you need to take a sensible approach to going to 19,341ft. above 18,000ft nothing survives. No body lives permanently above 17,000ft and you can not acclimatize fully above this these heights.
The best way to stay safe is prepare, have the right gear and climb Kilimanjaro on our 7 or 8 day treks. 90% of our treks are run on the Lemohso route over 8 days. You can read other people experience with us on Kilimanjaro and how our climbs run and how we operate our trips. We pay our porters, cooks, support staff and guides well and they work hard to give you the best chance at being successful climbing Kilimanjaro.
We don’t run cheap, crappy trips to Kilimanjaro. We want you to have the best guides, food, tents and service on the mountain. You get what you pay for and we offer, 5 days a week office support and service on the mountain second to none.


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