Everest Base Camp Treks 2017

18th March – 1st April 2017    8 SPACES OPEN  31st March  –  14th April 2017 6 SPACES OPEN Lead by Ian Taylor 8th April  –  22nd April 2017   2 SPACES OPEN  15th April  – 29th April 2017   5 SPACES OPEN 22nd April  –  6th May 2017   8 SPACES OPEN Lead by Ang Kami Sherpa 6th May  – […]

Climb Island peak 2016

24th APRIL  –  12th MAY 2016  CLOSED TO BOOKINGS   lead by Ian Taylor 13th MAY  –  1st June 2016   SOLD OUT!!   lead by Ang Kami Sherpa 18th SEPT –  6th OCT 2016  SOLD OUT!!  lead by Ian Taylor CLICK HERE for information on climbing Mera Peak climb 2016 CLICK HERE for recent footage filmed on Island peak […]

Winter training in Norway

Winter training in Norway 17th – 23rd March 2017  2 SPACES OPEN    You will learn on the job, and you don’t need any prior experience Nordic skiing. Once you have a good level of fitness, interested in having fun, learning new skills this trip will push you and challenge you in a different way. During the […]

Crossing Svalbard trip

10th – 22nd March 2018  6 SPACES OPEN    After you have learned the ways of polar travel in Norway it is time to put your skills into action. Crossing Svalbard in – 20c temperature is a truly amazing experience in the far north of the world. You will need to have completed our ski training […]

Cycle Across Tibet to Mt. Everest

1st  –  23rd OCTOBER 2016  14 SPACES OPEN  We need a minimum of 10 people to run this trip. Cycling 1,170km across Tibet to Everest Base Camp on the North side is a challenge and adventure that is unmatched. Once achieving the high point,  you will then cycle the 2nd longest down hill in the […]

Climb Mt. Everest

Ian has climbed Everest to the top, lead over a hundred treks and climbs and is now looking to help a small team to climb Mt. Everest in 2020. I want to help build a team of and prepare over the next 4 years. We have a climbing program which includes Kilimanjaro, Island or Mera […]


17th March   –   31st March 2018  10 SPACES OPEN  31st March   –    14th April 2018  10 SPACES OPEN  7th April   –    21st April 2018  10 SPACES OPEN 21st April   –  5th May 2018  10 SPACES OPEN 5th May   –  19th May 2018  12 SPACES OPEN Lead by […]

Climb Cho Oyu 2018

18th August – 29th September 2018  8 SPACES OPEN             Cho Oyu is the world’s 6th highest mountain The world has 14 mountains above the height of 8,000m/ 26,246ft. We will also have an expedition to climb Mt. Everest in 2020. We will require that you have climbed the following mountains, […]