20 years on from the Everest tragedy

I was awake early this morning in Tengbouche 3,900m high in the Everest region watching the sun rise over Everest. I started to think back on the Everest tragedy on May 10th 1996.

Today is May 10th 2016, 20 years to the day after 11 people lost their lives in a culmination of errors, miss communication, Hypoxia and race to limit on the world’s highest peak. The recent Everest movie was based off that days events.

Everest 10th May 2016

20 years on from the Everest tragedy, there was no storm building but winds were still high. After two challenging years on Everest and challenging times for Nepal. I am not sure Nepal has learned that much from the tragedy 20 years ago or from recent event.

Talk of restricting numbers and climbers needing a proficient climbing CV seem to be put on hold. On the trail I still see 60% of trekkers under prepared with limited experience and with shocking safety and the wrong gear from the trek.

The roof of the world

I hope for Everest’s sake, the people, the trail, the history that Nepal implement serious regulations on acclimatization, safety on the trail, managing the trail, sanitation and many of the other needs required to maintain the region, mountain and longevity of this world class and famous journey to Everest.

Everest is an icon, a magical symbol of what can be achieved. Everest deserves respect, the people, region and mountain deserve far more respect than we are seeing displayed by groups in the mountain region.

I hope in 20 years from now I will talk through this region and see real change in this special place. I will have to wait and see. I am just back from leading my 17th trek to Everest base camp and climbing Island peak for the 8th time and lack of respect for altitude and people rushing up the trail in poor and dangerous gear annoys we every time.

You need to prepare and training weekly.  Don’t cut corners. Understand altitude and how to acclimatize respect this wondrous mountain environment, which used to be at the bottom of the sea. If you would like further information about our treks and trips into the Himalaya’s get in touch.

High in the Everest region on Island peak

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