13 Reasons Hiking is good for you
1). Walking reduces Glaucoma risk
2). Boosts Endorphins, easing stress, tension, anger, fatigue and confusion in ten minutes
3). Limits Sickness, Halving odds of catching a cold
4). Halves Alzheimer’s disease risk over 5 years
5). Improves Heart Health by increasing heart rate and circulation
6). Improves Blood pressure by five points
7). works arm and shoulder muscles
8). Engages ab muscles
9). Builds bone mass, reducing risk of Osteoporosis
10). Strengthens legs, including quadriceps, hip flexors and hamstrings
11). Burns more fat than jogging
12). Improves balance preventing falls
13). Limits Colon Cancer by 31% for women

Here are just 13 reasons hiking is good for you. Why not get out on the hills and start your new fitness regime, get fit, stay healthy and earn your way to a healthier life.
We can help you get started.  Who knows where this road may lead you. It lead me to the top of Everest and total change in lifestyle.

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